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music theory lessons

American music is based on chords. It just is. You can write a song that's primarily rhythmic or melodic, but it's the harmonic (chordal) structure that determines the scales you choose for improv. I teach theory for all instruments from the piano. Major triads and their inversions are a pretty good start. Chord charts show the rudiments, but that's not really the way the song you're trying to play sounds. It's more nuanced than playing a chord in root position with all the notes. Which notes do pros leave out and why? And they add notes that aren't written down. 7th, 9th, #11 chords... I can help you sort it out. Classical theory too. I tutor high school and college students in music theory classes. Pentatonic and Blues scales work for Rock and Blues. Advanced Jazz students can study Melodic Minor Hexatonic Theory, Lydian Dominant Theory, and Diminished Scale Theory. Good improvisation, song writing, and composition depend on knowing chords and the scales that generate them. Click on Piano Lessons for information about rates, when, where, and how I teach. Call me at (760) 943-8684 or Email Jerry and I'll be glad to arrange a Free Music Theory Lesson with no obligation if you haven't previously taken lessons with me.

Beginners are Welcome!