This is image is the cover of the see dee entitled Jerry Michelsen Trios and Quartets. It's a close up and stylized photo of Jerry smiling. There's a background of art decco imagery.


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These mixes of audio clips span a broad spectrum of music I've created over many years. I've divided the recordings into four categories. Background andParty Music is the most accessible music for wedding receptions, parties, and easy listening. Concert Music is more modern and challenging. It's music appropriate for jazz festivals or concerts. Harmonica Music is a mixture of harp stylings. The Early Years is a mixture of old recordings from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. They're recordings of slightly lower audio fidelity and some oddities.

The recordings on this website aren't grouped the same as on my CD. Soon they'll be available online. Until then,

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Jerry Michelsen Trios & Quartets, call me or email me. Click on the Contact Jerry tab in blue, above and to the right.

The CD includes some, but not all of the songs represented in the categories Background and Party Music, Concert Music, and Harmonica Music. The CD cover is pictured to the left. I can mail the CD to you for $14 or you can arrange to pick it up at my teaching studio at AMX for $12.